brosis <1035>

brwsiv brosis

Origin:from the base of 977
Reference:TDNT - 1:642,111
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:brwsei 1, brwsewv 2, brwsin 4, brwsiv 4
In NET:food 8, rust 2, meal 1
In AV:meat 6, rust 2, morsel of meat 1, eating 1, food 1
Definition:1) act of eating
1a) in a wider sense, corrosion
2) that which is eaten, food, ailment
2a) of the soul's food, either which refreshes the soul, or
nourishes and supports it
from the base of 977; (abstractly) eating (literally or figuratively);
by extension (concretely) food (literally or figuratively):-eating,
food, meat.
see GREEK for 977

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