t@`alah <08585>

hlet t@`alah

Origin:from 05927
Reference:TWOT - 1624n 1624o
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hlet 4, hleth 2, tletb 2, tlet 1, hytlet 1, hletb 1
In NET:conduit 4, trench 3, healing 2, channel 1, channels 1
In AV:conduit 4, trench 3, watercourse 1, healing 1, cured 1, little rivers 1
Definition:1) conduit, water course, trench
2) healing (of new flesh and skin forming over wound)
2a) (CLBL) bandage, plaister (for healing of wound)
from 5927; a channel (into which water is raised for
irrigation); also a bandage or plaster (as placed upon a
wound):-conduit, cured, healing, little river, trench,
see HEBREW for 05927

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