tanshemeth <08580>

tmvnt tanshemeth

Origin:from 05395
Reference:TWOT - 1433b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tmsnthw 2, tmsnth 1
In NET:white owl 2, chameleon 1
In AV:swan 2, mole 1
Definition:1) an unclean animal of some kind
1a) an unclean bird
1a1) perhaps the ibis, water-hen, species of owl, barn owl
1b) an unclean lizard
1b1) perhaps the chameleon
1c) perhaps an extinct lizard or bird, exact meaning unknown
from 5395; properly, a hard breather, i.e. the name of two
unclean creatures, a lizard and a bird (both perhaps from
changing color through their irascibility), probably the
tree-toad and the water-hen:-mole, swan.
see HEBREW for 05395

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