timmor (pl. only) <08561>

rmt timmor (pl. only) or (fem.) hrmt timmorah (sing. and pl.)

Pronunciation:tim-more' tim-mo-raw'
Origin:from the same root as 08558
Reference:TWOT - 2523c
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:Myrmtw 7, trmtw 2, twrmtw 2, hrmth 2, Myrmt 2, *wyrmtw {wrmtw} 1, hrmtw 1, twrmth 1, Myrmthw 1
In NET:decorative palm trees 9, palm trees 7, palm tree 3
In AV:palm tree 19
Definition:1) palm tree figure (as ornament)
(plural o or (feminine) timmorah (singular and plural)
{tim-mo-raw'}; from the same root as 8558; (arch.) a palm-like
pilaster (i.e. umbellate):-palm tree.
see HEBREW for 08558

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