Timnath Cherec <08556>

orx tnmt Timnath Cherec or xro tnmt Timnath Cerach

Pronunciation:tim-nath kheh'-res tim-nath seh'-rakh
Origin:from 08553 and 02775
PrtSpch:noun proper locative
In Hebrew:xro 2, orx 1
In NET:Timnath 3
In AV:Timnathserah 2, Timnathheres 1
Definition:Timnath-heres or Timnath-serah = "portion of the sun"
or "abundant portion"

1) a city given to Joshua as a inheritance in the mountains of
Ephraim on the north of the hill of Gaash where he was buried
or Timnath Cerach {tim-nath seh'-rakh}; from 8553 and 2775;
portion of (the) sun; Timnath-Cheres, a place in
Palestine:-Timnath-heres, Timnath-serah.
see HEBREW for 08553
see HEBREW for 02775
in Bible:
Timnath Heres (NET, NIV)
Timnath Serah (NET, NIV)
Timnath-Heres (KJV, TEV)
Timnath-heres (NASB, NRSV)
Timnath-Serah (KJV, TEV)
Timnath-serah (NASB, NRSV)

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