takan <08505>

Nkt takan

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 2511
In Hebrew:Nkty 7, Nkt 4, Nktw 2, wnkty 2, wnktn 1, Nktmh 1, ytnkt 1
In NET:unjust 6, evaluates 4, right 3, measured 2, comprehends 1, weighed 1, make secure 1
In AV:equal 7, weigh 3, pondereth 2, unequal 2, directed 1, misc 3
Definition:1) to regulate, measure, estimate, ponder, balance, make even, level,
weigh, be equal, be weighed out, test, prove
1a) (Qal) estimate (participle)
1b) (Niphal)
1b1) to be estimated
1b2) to be made even or right, be adjusted to the standard
1c) (Piel) to weigh out, mete out
1d) (Pual)
1d1) to be weighed out, be measured out
1d2) measured out (participle)
a primitive root; to balance, i.e. measure out (by weight or
dimension); figuratively, arrange, equalize, through the idea
of levelling (ment. estimate, test):-bear up, direct, be
((un-))equal, mete, ponder, tell, weigh.

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