tiyrowsh <08492>

vwryt tiyrowsh or vryt tiyrosh

Pronunciation:tee-roshe' tee-roshe'
Origin:from 03423 in the sense of expulsion
Reference:TWOT - 2505
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:swrytw 10, swryt 7, swryth 6, Ksrytw 3, swrythw 3, srytw 2, Ksryt 2, Kswryt 1, yswryt 1, sryt 1, yswrytw 1, Mswrytw 1
In NET:new wine 19, wine 14, fresh wine 3, juice from the grapes 1, juice 1
In AV:wine 38
Definition:1) wine, fresh or new wine, must, freshly pressed wine
or tiyrosh {tee-roshe'}; from 3423 in the sense of expulsion;
must or fresh grape-juice (as just squeezed out); by
implication (rarely) fermented wine:-(new, sweet) wine.
see HEBREW for 03423

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