teyman <08486>

Nmyt teyman or Nmt teman

Pronunciation:tay-mawn' tay-mawn'
Origin:denominative from 03225
Reference:TWOT - 872e
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hnmyt 12, Nmyt 4, Nmt 1, hnmytw 1, Nmytl 1, Nmytmw 1, Nmytlw 1, Nmytm 1, Nmyth 1
In NET:south 14, south wind 2, south side 1, southern 1, southward 1, southern winds 1, toward the south 1
In AV:south 11, southward 8, south side 2, south coast 1, south wind 1
Definition:1) south, southward, whatever is on the right (so the southern
quarter), south wind
1a) south (of territory)
1b) southern quarter (of the sky)
1c) toward the south, southward (of direction)
1d) south wind
or teman {tay-mawn'}; denominative from 3225; the south (as
being on the right hand of a person facing the east):-south
(side, -ward, wind).
see HEBREW for 03225

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