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NETBible: Strong -- 08416

t@hillah <08416>

hlht t@hillah

Origin:from 01984
Reference:TWOT - 500c
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hlht 11, wtlht 8, Ktlht 7, tlht 5, ytlht 5, hlhtw 3, wtlhtw 3, hlhtl 3, hlhtlw 2, twlht 2, ytlhtw 2, Ktlhtb 2, hlhtb 1, *tlht {hlht} 1, Kytlht 1, tlhtw 1
In NET:praise 32, Praise 4, praiseworthy 4, praises 4, praiseworthy acts 2, admire 2, pride 2, prestige 1, deserves 1, once-famous 1, praiseworthy deeds 1, praising 1, glory 1
In AV:praise 57
Definition:1) praise, song or hymn of praise
1a) praise, adoration, thanksgiving (paid to God)
1b) act of general or public praise
1c) praise-song (as title)
1d) praise (demanded by qualities or deeds or attributes of God)
1e) renown, fame, glory
1e1) of Damascus, God
1e2) object of praise, possessor of renown (fig)
from 1984; laudation; specifically (concretely) a
see HEBREW for 01984

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