Sh@thar Bowz@nay <08370>

ynzwb rtv Sh@thar Bowz@nay

Pronunciation:sheth-ar' bo-zen-ah'-ee
Origin:of foreign derivation
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:ynzwb 4
In NET:Shethar-Bozenai 3, Shethar Bozenai 1
In AV:Shetharboznai 4
Definition:Shethar-boznai = "star of splendour"

1) a Persian officer in the reign of Darius
of foreign derivation; Shethar-Bozenai, a Persian
in Bible:
Shethar Bozenai (NET)
Shethar-Bozenai (NET, KJV, NIV, TEV)
Shethar-bozenai (NASB, NRSV)

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