shesh <08336>

vv shesh or (for alliteration with 04897) yvv sh@shiy

Pronunciation:shaysh shesh-ee'
Origin:for 07893
Reference:TWOT - 2473 2379a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:ss 18, ssw 16, ssh 3, ssbw 2, ssb 1, *ss {yss} 1
In NET:fine linen 36, alabaster 2, Fine linen 1, marble 1, linen 1
In AV:linen 20, fine linen 17 marble 3, silk 1, variant 1
Definition:1) something bleached white, byssus, linen, fine linen
2) alabaster, similar stone, marble
or (for alliteration with 4897) shshiy {shesh-ee'}; for 7893;
bleached stuff, i.e. white linen or (by analogy) marble:-X
blue, fine ((twined)) linen, marble, silk.
see HEBREW for 04897
see HEBREW for 07893

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