'ashar <0833>

rva 'ashar or rva 'asher

Pronunciation:aw-shar' aw-share'
Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 183
In Hebrew:wrsaw 2, hwrsayw 2, rsam 1, wrsa 1, ynwrsa 1, rsat 1, Kyrsam 1, ynrsatw 1, yrsam 1, *rsaw {rsay} 1, rsaw 1, wyrsamw 1, whwrsay 1, Myrsam 1
In NET:blessed 4, call 2, leaders 2, complimented 1, consider 1, Give reason to celebrate 1, favored by God 1, proceed 1, led 1, guide 1, walk 1
In AV:blessed 7, lead 2, go 2, guide 1, happy 2, leaders 1, relieve 1
Definition:1) to go straight, walk, go on, advance, make progress
1a) (Qal) to go straight on, make progress
1b) (Piel)
1b1) to go straight on, advance
1b2) to lead on (causative)
1b3) to set right, righten
1b4) to pronounce happy, call blessed
1c) (Pual)
1c1) to be advanced, be led on
1c2) to be made happy, be blessed
or rasher {aw-share'}; a primitive root; to be straight (used
in the widest sense, especially to be level, right, happy);
figuratively, to go forward, be honest, proper:-(call, be)
bless(-ed, happy), go, guide, lead, relieve.

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