soreq <08321>

qrs soreq or qrws sowreq and (fem.) hqrs soreqah

Pronunciation:so-rake' so-rake' so-ray-kaw'
Origin:from 08319 in the sense of redness (compare 08320)
Reference:TWOT - 2294c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:qrv 2, hqrvlw 1
In NET:choicest vine 1, special vine 1, vine 1
In AV:choice wine 2, noble wine 1
Definition:1) choice species of vine, choice grapes
or sowreq {so-rake'}; and (feminine) soreqah {so- ray-kaw'};
from 8319 in the sense of redness (compare 8320); a vine stock
(properly, one yielding purple grapes, the richest
variety):-choice(-st, noble) wine. Compare 8291.
see HEBREW for 08319
see HEBREW for 08320
see HEBREW for 08291

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