'ashpoth <0830>

tpva 'ashpoth or twpva 'ashpowth or (contraction) tpv sh@photh

Pronunciation:ash-pohth' ash-pohth' shef-ohth'
Origin:plural of a noun of the same form as 0827, from 08192 (in the sense of scraping)
Reference:TWOT - 2441b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:tpsam 2, tpsah 2, twtpsa 1, twpsh 1, twpsah 1
In NET:Dung 4, garbage 2, ash heap 1
In AV:dung 4, dunghill 3
Definition:1) ash heap, refuse heap, dung-hill
or uashpowth {ash-pohth'}; or (contraction) shphoth
{shef-ohth'}; plural of a noun of the same form as 827, from
8192 (in the sense of scraping); a heap of rubbish or
filth:-dung (hill).
see HEBREW for 0827
see HEBREW for 08192
in Bible:
Dung (NIV)
Dung Gate (NET, KJV, NRSV, TEV)
Refuse Gate (NASB)

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