sh@ruwqah <08292>

hqwrv sh@ruwqah or (by permutation) hqyrv sh@riyqah

Pronunciation:sher-oo-kaw' sher-ee-kaw'
Origin:pass part of 08319
Reference:TWOT - 2468b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:twqrs 1, *twqyrs {tqwrs} 1
In NET:out 1, playing their pipes 1
In AV:hissing 2, bleating 1
Definition:1) piping, whistling, hissing
or (by permutation) shriyqah {sher-ee- kaw'}; feminine
passive participle of 8319; a whistling (in scorn); by
analogy, a piping:-bleating, hissing.
see HEBREW for 08319

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