shaqam <08256>

Mqv shaqam or (fem.) hmqv shiqmah

Pronunciation:shaw-kawm' shik-maw'
Origin:of uncertain derivation, Greek 4807 sukaminov
Reference:TWOT - 2455
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:Mymqsk 3, Mymqs 2, Mymqshw 1, Mtwmqsw 1
In NET:sycamore fig trees 5, sycamore 1, sycamore-fig trees 1
In AV:sycamore tree 5, sycamore 1, sycamore fruit 1
Definition:1) sycamore tree (bearing figs)
or (feminine) shiqmah {shik-maw'}; of uncertain derivation; a
sycamore (usually the tree):-sycamore (fruit, tree).

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