s@`orah <08184>

hres s@`orah or hrwes s@`owrah (fem. meaning the plant) and (masc. meaning the grain); also res s@`or or rwes s@`owr

Pronunciation:seh-o-raw' seh-o-raw' seh-ore' seh-ore'
Origin:from 08175 in the sense of roughness
Reference:TWOT - 2274f
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:Myrev 16, Myrevh 4, Myrevw 4, hrev 2, Myrevhw 2, hrevw 2, hrevhw 1, hrevh 1, Myrwev 1, Myrwevw 1
In NET:barley 33
In AV:barley 34
Definition:1) barley
1a) barley (of the plant)
1b) barley (of the meal or grain)
or snowrah {seh-o-raw'} (feminine meaning the plant); and
(masculine meaning the grain); also s or {seh-ore'}; or s-owr
{seh-ore'}; from 8175 in the sense of roughness; barley (as
see HEBREW for 08175

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