se`ar <08181>

res se`ar or res sa`ar (\\#Isa 7:20\\)

Pronunciation:say-awr' sah'-ar
Origin:from 08175 in the sense of dishevelling
Reference:TWOT - 2274a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:rev 14, revw 4, wrev 3, Krev 2, hrevw 2, revm 1, Krevw 1, revl 1
In NET:hair 24, hairy 4
In AV:hair 24, hairy 3, rough 1
Definition:1) hair
1a) hair (of animals, man)
1b) hair (of garment made of hair)
or (Isaiah 7:20) {sah'-ar}; from 8175 in the sense of
dishevelling; hair (as if tossed or bristling):-hair(-y), X
see HEBREW for 08175

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