shalliyt (Aramaic) <07990>

jylv shalliyt (Aramaic)

Origin:corresponding to 07989
Reference:TWOT - 3034b
In Hebrew:jyls 6, Njls 1, Nyjylsw 1, jylsw 1, ajyls 1
In NET:ruler 3, authority 2, deputy 1, power 1, ruled 1, rules 1, rules over 1
In AV:rule 6, ruler 2, captain 1, lawful 1
Definition:1) having mastery, having authority, ruling
1a) having or exercising mastery, ruling
1b) ruler (subst)
1c) having authority
1c1) it is authorised
(Aramaic) corresponding to 7989; mighty; abstractly,
permission; concretely, a premier:-captain, be lawful,
rule(- r).
see HEBREW for 07989

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