sh@let (Aramaic) <07981>

jlv sh@let (Aramaic)

Origin:corresponding to 07980
Reference:TWOT - 3034
In Hebrew:jlst 2, jlsy 1, Kjlshw 1, wjls 1, hjlshw 1, jls 1
In NET:ruler 2, granted him authority 1, has given authority over 1, rule 1, unharmed 1, overpowered 1
In AV:...ruler 4, have power, have mastery, rule 1
Definition:1) to have power, rule, domineer, rule over
1a) (P'al) have power upon or over, rule, fall upon, assault, be ruler
1b) (Aphel) make ruler
(Aramaic) corresponding to 7980:-have the mastery, have
power, bear rule, be (make) ruler.
see HEBREW for 07980

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