shelach <07973>

xlv shelach

Origin:from 07971
Reference:TWOT - 2394a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:wxls 2, xlsh 2, xlsb 2, Kyxls 1, xls 1
In NET:weapon 3, defenses 1, river 1, shoots 1, weapons 1, river of death 1
In AV:sword 3, weapon 2, dart 1, plant 1, put them off
Definition:1) weapon, missile, sprout
1a) missile, weapon
1b) sprout, shoot
from 7971; a missile of attack, i.e. spear; also
(figuratively) a shoot of growth; i.e. branch:-dart, plant,
X put off, sword, weapon.
see HEBREW for 07971

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