shalev <07961>

wlv shalev or wylv shaleyv fem. hwlv sh@levah

Pronunciation:shaw-lave' shaw-lave' shel-ay-vaw'
Origin:from 07951
Reference:TWOT - 2392c
In Hebrew:wls 3, hwlsw 2, wyls 1, wylsw 1, ywlsw 1
In NET:peace 2, easy 1, carefree 1, peaceful 1, prosperous 1, peacefully 1, satisfaction 1
In AV:at ease 2, peaceable 1, quietness 1, prosperity 1, quiet 1, prosper 1, wealthy 1
Definition:1) quiet, at ease, prosperous
1a) at ease (of persons)
1b) quiet (of land)
1c) quiet, ease
1d) ease (subst)
or shaleyv {shaw-lave'}; feminine shlevah {shel-ay-vaw'};
from 7951; tranquil; (in a bad sense) careless; abstractly,
security:-(being) at ease, peaceable, (in) prosper(-ity),
quiet(-ness), wealthy.
see HEBREW for 07951

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