shoter <07860>

rjv shoter

Origin:act part of an otherwise unused root probably meaning to write
Reference:TWOT - 2374a
PrtSpch:verb/noun masculine
In Hebrew:Myrjsw 6, Myrjsh 4, yrjs 4, Mkyrjsw 2, wyrjsw 2, wyrjslw 2, rjwsh 1, wyrjs 1, rjs 1, Myrjsl 1, Mhyrjsw 1
In NET:officials 5, officers 5, leaders 4, foremen 3, civil servants 1, officer 1, serve officials 1
In AV:officers 23, ruler 1, overseer 1
Definition:1) (Qal) official, officer
active participle of an otherwise unused root probably
meaning to write; properly, a scribe, i.e. (by analogy or
implication) an official superintendent or
magistrate:-officer, overseer, ruler.

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