shuwshan <07799>

Nvwv shuwshan or Nvwv showshan or Nvv shoshan and (fem.) hnvwv showshannah

Pronunciation:shoo-shan' sho-shawn' sho-shawn' sho-shan-naw'
Origin:from 07797, Greek 4677 sousanna
Reference:TWOT - 2356
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mynswsb 4, Nsws 3, Mynsws 3, hnswsk 2, tnsws 1, hnsws 1, Mynss 1
In NET:lilies 8, lily 5, Lilies 2
In AV:lily 13, Shoshannim 2
Definition:1) lily
1a) probably any lily-like flower
1b) Shoshannim, in title of Ps 45:1
or showshan {sho-shawn'}; or shoshan {sho- shawn'}; and
(feminine) showshannah {sho-shan-naw'}; from 7797; a lily
(from its whiteness), as a flower of arch. ornament; also a
(straight) trumpet (from the tubular shape): lily, Shoshannim.
see HEBREW for 07797

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