shuwt <07751>

jwv shuwt

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 2344 2344d
In Hebrew:jwsm 1, Myjsh 1, wjs 1, jsm 1, wjjsy 1, jws 1, wjjws 1, wjjwsy 1, wjsyw 1, hnjjwsthw 1, Myjjwsm 1, twjjsm 1, Myjs 1
In NET:rowers 2, roving about 2, Run about 1, Go up and down through 1, Go through 1, carefully 1, range across 1, went about 1, wander about 1, went through 1, dash about 1
In AV:run to and fro 6, go to and fro 2, go about 1, gone 1, mariners 1, rowers 1, go through 1
Definition:1) to go, go or rove about, go to and fro
1a) (Qal) to go or rove about
1b) (Polel) to go to and fro, go eagerly or quickly to and fro
1c) (Hithpolel) to run to and fro
2) to row
a primitive root; properly, to push forth; (but used only
figuratively) to lash, i.e. (the sea with oars) to row; by
implication, to travel:-go (about, through, to and fro),
mariner, rower, run to and fro.

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