show' <07722>

awv show' or (fem.) hawv show'ah or hav sho'ah

Pronunciation:sho sho-aw' sho-aw'
Origin:from an unused root meaning to rush over
Reference:TWOT - 2339 2339a
PrtSpch:noun masculine, noun feminime
In Hebrew:haws 3, has 3, hawsl 1, tasmw 1, hawslw 1, hawsb 1, hask 1, Mhyasm 1
In NET:destruction 4, desolate 1, crash 1, Calamity 1, destroy 1, storm 1, devastated 1, destructive attacks 1, devastation 1
In AV:desolation 5, destruction 3, desolate 2, destroy 1, storm 1, wasteness 1
Definition:n m
1) ravage

n f
2) devastation, ruin, waste
2a) devastation, ruin
2b) ruin, waste (of land)
or (feminine) showtah {sho-aw'}; or shoah {sho-aw'}; from an
unused root meaning to rush over; a tempest; by implication,
devastation:-desolate(-ion), destroy, destruction, storm,

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