seh <07716>

hs seh or ys sey

Pronunciation:seh say
Origin:probably from 07582 through the idea of pushing out to graze
Reference:TWOT - 2237
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:hv 24, hvw 8, hvh 5, hvl 3, hvb 2, hvk 2, wyv 1, hvm 1, whyv 1
In NET:sheep 30, lamb 12, lambs 2, another 2, flock 1
In AV:sheep 18, cattle 10, lamb 16, ewe 1, lamb + 03532 1
Definition:1) one of a flock, lamb, sheep, goat, young sheep, young goat
1a) sheep, goat
1b) flock (collective)
or sey {say}; probably from 7582 through the idea of pushing
out to graze; a member of a flock, i.e. a sheep or
goat:-(lesser, small) cattle, ewe, goat, lamb, sheep.
Compare 2089.
see HEBREW for 07582
see HEBREW for 02089

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