shad <07699>

dv shad or dv shod

Pronunciation:shad shode
Origin:probably from 07736 (in its original sense) contracted
Reference:TWOT - 2332a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Myds 5, yds 4, Kyds 3, Kydsw 2, Mydsw 2, dsm 2, ds 1, Nhyds 1, ydsw 1, hyds 1, Mydsm 1, dsw 1
In NET:breasts 18, breast 3, field 1, nursing infants 1, sexually immoral behavior 1
In AV:breast 22, teat 1, pap 1
Definition:1) breast, bosom, (female) breast
1a) breast (of woman)
1b) breast (of animal)
1c) breast (of both human and animal)
or shod {shode}; probably from 7736 (in its original sense)
contracted; the breast of a woman or animal (as
bulging):-breast, pap, teat.
see HEBREW for 07736

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