shagag <07683>

ggv shagag

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 2324
In Hebrew:ggs 3, hggsb 1
In NET:error 1, one who goes astray 1, stray off 1, unintentionally 1
In AV:err 1, flesh 1, sin ignorantly 1, deceived 1, went astray 1
Definition:1) to go astray, err, commit sin or error
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to err (mentally)
1a2) to sin (ignorantly or inadvertently)
a primitive root; to stray, i.e. (figuratively) sin (with
more or less apology):-X also for that, deceived, err, go
astray, sin ignorantly.

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