resheth <07568>

tvr resheth

Origin:from 03423
Reference:TWOT - 920c
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tsr 6, ytsr 4, tsrh 3, tsrm 2, Mtsr 2, tsrb 2, wtsrw 1, wtsrb 1, tsrw 1
In NET:net 18, network 4
In AV:net 20, network + 04639 1
Definition:1) net
1a) net
1a1) for catching
1a2) of judgment (fig)
1a3) of leaders leading people to sin
1a4) as a trap for man
1b) network (brazen - for altar of tabernacle)
from 3423; a net (as catching animals):-net(- work).
see HEBREW for 03423

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