raq <07535>

qr raq

Origin:the same as 07534 as a noun
Reference:TWOT - 2218a
PrtSpch:adverb (with restrictive force)
In Hebrew:qr 106, qrw 2, qrh 1
In NET:But 19, only 19, Only 10, However 9, except 9, but 6, provided that 4, Yet 3, Certainly 2, nothing but 2, yet 2, Again however 1, sure 1, though 1, As for 1, Indeed 1, Although 1, Moreover 1, alone 1, must 1, Surely 1, simply 1, however 1, On the other hand 1, Just 1
In AV:only, surely, nothing but, except, but, in any wise
Definition:1) only, altogether, surely
1a) only
1b) only, nought but, altogether (in limitation)
1c) save, except (after a negative)
1d) only, altogether, surely (with an affirmative)
1e) if only, provided only (prefixed for emphasis)
1f) only, exclusively (for emphasis)
the same as 7534 as a noun; properly, leanness, i.e.
(figuratively) limitation; only adverbial, merely, or
conjunctional, although:-but, even, except, howbeit
howsoever, at the least, nevertheless, nothing but,
notwithstanding, only, save, so (that), surely, yet (so), in
any wise.
see HEBREW for 07534

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