remes <07431>

smr remes

Origin:from 07430
Reference:TWOT - 2177a
PrtSpch:noun masculine collective
In Hebrew:vmr 8, vmrh 6, vmrw 2, vmrk 1
In NET:creeping thing 5, creeping things 2, creatures that crawl 1, creatures that creep 1, creatures 1, animals in the sea 1, creatures that move on the ground 1, creep along the ground 1, moving thing 1, insects 1, things 1, teems swimming creatures 1
In AV:creeping thing 15, moving thing 1, that creepeth 1
Definition:1) creeping things, moving things, creeping organism
1a) creeping things
1b) gliding things (of sea animals)
1c) moving things (of all animals)
from 7430; a reptile or any other rapidly moving
animal:-that creepeth, creeping (moving) thing.
see HEBREW for 07430

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