ruwm (Aramaic) <07313>

Mwr ruwm (Aramaic)

Origin:corresponding to 07311
Reference:TWOT - 2992
In Hebrew:Mmwrmw 1, Myrm 1, Mr 1, tmmwrth 1
In NET:exalted 2, became arrogant 1, exalt 1
In AV:lift up 2, extol 1, set up 1
Definition:1) to rise
1a) (P'al) to be lifted up
1b) (Aphel) to exalt
1c) (Hithpolel) to lift oneself up
(Aramaic) corresponding to 7311; (figuratively only):-
extol, lift up (self), set up.
see HEBREW for 07311

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