'arown <0727>

Nwra 'arown or Nra 'aron

Pronunciation:aw-rone' aw-rone'
Origin:from 0717 (in the sense of gathering)
Reference:TWOT - 166a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Nwra 123, Nwrah 30, Nrah 19, Nwraw 9, Nwral 9, Nwrab 7, Nra 5
In NET:ark 193, chest 6, coffin 1
In AV:ark 195, chest 6, coffin 1
Definition:1) chest, ark
1a) money chest
1b) Ark of the Covenant
2) (TWOT) coffin
or laron {aw-rone'}; from 717 (in the sense of gathering); a
box:-ark, chest, coffin.
see HEBREW for 0717

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