r@'em <07214>

Mar r@'em or Myar r@'eym or Myr reym or Mr rem

Pronunciation:reh-ame' reh-ame' rame rame
Origin:from 07213
Reference:TWOT - 2096a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mar 3, Myr 2, Mymar 2, Myark 1, Mymr 1
In NET:wild ox 4, ox 1, oxen 1, wild bull 1, young bull 1, wild oxen 1
In AV:unicorn 9
Definition:1) probably the great aurochs or wild bulls which are now extinct.
The exact meaning is not known.
or rieym {reh-ame'}; or reym {rame}; or rem {rame}; from
7213; a wild bull (from its conspicuousness):-unicorn.
see HEBREW for 07213

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