qerach <07140>

xrq qerach or xrq qorach

Pronunciation:keh'-rakh ko'-rakh
Origin:from 07139
Reference:TWOT - 2070a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:xrq 2, xrqh 2, xrqlw 1, xrqw 1, wxrq 1
In NET:ice 4, frost 1, hailstones 1, piercing cold 1
In AV:frost 3, ice 3, crystal 1
Definition:1) frost, ice, ice crystal
1a) frost (of night)
1b) ice
or qorach {ko'-rakh}; from 7139; ice (as if bald, i.e.
smooth); hence, hail; by resemblance, rock crystal:-crystal,
frost, ice.
see HEBREW for 07139

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