q@tar (Aramaic) <07001>

rjq q@tar (Aramaic)

Origin:from a root corresponding to 07000
Reference:TWOT - 2970
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:yrjqw 1, Nyrjq 1, Nyrjqw 1
In NET:knotty problems 2, joints 1
In AV:doubts 2, joints 1
Definition:1) knot, joint, problem
1a) joints (of the hip)
1b) difficulties, doubts (fig)
(Aramaic) from a root corresponding to 7000; a knot (as tied
up), i.e. (figuratively) a riddle; also a vertebra (as if a
knot):-doubt, joint.
see HEBREW for 07000

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