qav <06957>

wq qav or wq qav

Pronunciation:kav kawv
Origin:from 06960 [compare 06961]
Reference:TWOT - 1992 1994a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:wq 9, wql 5, wqw 2, wqb 1, Mwq 1
In NET:syllable 8, measuring line 4, circumference 1, measurements 1, measures out 1, prepared knock down 1
In AV:line 20, rule 1
Definition:1) cord, line, measuring-line
1a) cord
1b) measuring-line
2) (BDB) onomatapoetic mimicry of Isaiah's words, perhaps senseless
or qav {kawv}; from 6960 (compare 6961); a cord (as
connecting), especially for measuring; figuratively, a rule;
also a rim, a musical string or accord:-line. Compare 6978.
see HEBREW for 06960
see HEBREW for 06961
see HEBREW for 06978

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