tsaniyph <06797>

Pynu tsaniyph or Pwnu tsanowph or (fem.) hpynu tsaniyphah

Pronunciation:tsaw-neef' tsaw-nofe' tsaw-nee-faw'
Origin:from 06801
Reference:TWOT - 1940a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Pynuh 1, Pynuw 1, twpynuhw 1, *Pynuw {Pwnuw} 1, Pynu 1
In NET:turban 4, head coverings 1
In AV:diadem 2, mitre 2, hood 1, variant 1
Definition:1) turban, headdress
or tsanowph {tsaw-nofe'}; or (feminine) tsaniyphah
{tsaw-nee-faw'}; from 6801; a head-dress (i.e. piece of cloth
wrapped around):-diadem, hood, mitre.
see HEBREW for 06801

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