tsemed <06776>

dmu tsemed

Origin:a yoke or team (ie pair)
Reference:TWOT - 1927a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:dmu 9, dmuw 2, Mydmu 2, wdmuw 1, ydmu 1
In NET:pair 5, yoke 2, large 1, couple 1, acre 1, team 1, together 1, teams of oxen 1, teams 1, pairs 1
In AV:yoke 7, couple 4, two 2, together 1, acres 1
Definition:1) couple, pair, team, yoke
1a) couple, pair, span (usually of animals)
1b) acre
1b1) the amount of land a span of oxen could plow in one day
a yoke or team (i.e. pair); hence, an acre (i.e. day's task
for a yoke of cattle to plough):-acre, couple, X together,
two (donkeys), yoke (of oxen).

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