tsalmaveth <06757>

twmlu tsalmaveth

Origin:from 06738 and 04194
Reference:TWOT - 1921b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:twmlu 10, twmluw 6, twmlub 1, twmlul 1
In NET:deep darkness 5, darkness 4, deepest shadow 3, deepest darkness 2, utter darkness 2, darkest 1, deep shadows 1
In AV:shadow of death 18
Definition:1) death-shadow, deep shadow, deep darkness, shadow of death
1a) death-shadow
1b) death-shadow, deep shadow, darkness
1c) death-shadow (of distress, extreme danger) (fig)
1d) death-shadow (of place of the dead) (fig)
from 6738 and 4194; shade of death, i.e. the grave
(figuratively, calamity):-shadow of death.
see HEBREW for 06738
see HEBREW for 04194

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