tsavva'r <06677>

rawu tsavva'r or rwu tsavvar (\\#Ne 3:5\\) or Nrwu tsavvaron (\\#So 4:9\\) or (fem.) hrawu tsavva'rah (\\#Mic 2:3\\)

Pronunciation:tsav-vawr' tsav-vawr' tsav-vaw-rone' tsav-vaw-raw'
Origin:intensively from 06696 in the sense of binding
Reference:TWOT - 1897a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Krawu 9, rawu 7, yrawu 4, wyrawu 4, wrawu 4, rawub 2, yrawub 2, wnrawu 1, Mhyrawu 1, wrawub 1, Mkytrawu 1, yrawul 1, Kynrwum 1, *wrawu 1, Mrwu 1, Mkyrawu 1
In NET:neck 24, necks 6, servitude 5, assist 1, head 1, necklace 1, necklaces 1
In AV:neck 42
Definition:1) neck, back of neck
1a) neck, back of neck (of man)
1b) neck (of animals)
or tsavvar (Nehemiah 3:5) {tsav-vawr'}; or tsavvaron (Song of
Solomon 4:9) {tsav-vaw-rone'}; or (feminine) tsavva.rah (Micah
2:3) {tsav-vaw-raw'}; intensively from 6696 in the sense of
binding; the back of the neck (as that on which burdens are
see HEBREW for 06696

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