tse'etsa' <06631>

auau tse'etsa' or (plural) Myauau

Origin:from 03318
Reference:TWOT - 893b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mhyauauw 3, yauauw 2, Myauauh 1, Kyauauw 1, hyauau 1, hyauauw 1, wyauauw 1, Kyauau 1
In NET:offspring 4, children 4, lives 2, crops 1
In AV:offspring 9, that cometh forth 1, which cometh out 1
Definition:1) offspring, produce, issue
1a) offspring (of men)
1b) produce (of earth)
1c) descendants (metaphorical)
from 3318; issue, i.e. produce, children:-that which cometh
forth (out), offspring.
see HEBREW for 03318

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