piqquwd <06490>

dwqp piqquwd or dqp piqqud or (plural) Mydwqp

Pronunciation:pik-kood' pik-kood'
Origin:from 06485
Reference:TWOT - 1802e
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Kydwqp 11, Kydqp 4, ydwqp 2, Kydqpb 1, Kydwqpmw 1, wydqp 1, Kydqpl 1, wydwqp 1, Kydwqpb 1, Kydwqpm 1
In NET:precepts 23, commands 1
In AV:precept 21, commandment 2, statute 1
Definition:1) precept, statute
or piqqud {pik-kood'}; from 6485; properly, appointed, i.e. a
mandate (of God; plural only, collectively, for the
Law):-commandment, precept, statute.
see HEBREW for 06485

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