'ephow <0645>

wpa 'ephow or awpa 'ephow'

Pronunciation:ay-fo' ay-fo'
Origin:from 06311
Reference:TWOT - 144
PrtSpch:demonstrative. particle
In Hebrew:awpa 11, wpa 4
In NET:then 7, Therefore 1, else 1, oh 1, reason 1, now 1
In AV:now 10, where 4, here 1
Definition:1) then, now, so
1a) (who) then, (what) then (with interrog)
1b) then (with imperative - i.e. know then)
1c) if...then (with adv)
or hephowe {ay-fo'}; from 6311; strictly a demonstrative
particle, here; but used of time, now or then:-here, now,
see HEBREW for 06311

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