Pokereth Ts@bayiym <06380>

Myybu trkp Pokereth Ts@bayiym

Pronunciation:po-keh'-reth tseb-aw-yeem'
Origin:from the act. part. (of the same form as the first word) fem. of an unused root (meaning to entrap) and pl. of 06643
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:Myybuh 2
In NET:Pokereth-Hazzebaim 2
In AV:Pochereth of Zebaim 2
Definition:Pochereth of Zebaim = "here the cutting off"

1) a servant of Solomon whose descendants returned from exile with
from the active participle (of the same form as the first
word) feminine of an unused root (meaning to entrap) and
plural of 6643; trap of gazelles; Pokereth-Tsebajim, one of
the "servants of Solomon":-Pochereth of Zebaim.
see HEBREW for 06643
in Bible:
Pochereth-hazzebaim (NASB, NRSV)
Pochereth-Hazzebaim (KJV, TEV)
Pokereth-Hazzebaim (NET, NIV)

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