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NETBible: Strong -- 06332

Puwr <06332>

rwp Puwr also (pl.) Myrwp Puwriym or Myrp Puriym

Pronunciation:poor poo-reem' poo-reem'
Origin:from 06331
Reference:TWOT - 1749
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Myrph 2, rwp 2, Myrwph 2, Myrwp 1, rwph 1
In NET:Purim 5, pur 3
In AV:Purim 5, Pur 3
Definition:Pur or Purim = "lot" or "piece"

1) lot
1a) a special feast among the post-exilic Jews, to celebrate their
deliverance from Haman's destruction through queen Esther's
heroic actions
also (plural) Puwriym {poo-reem'}; or Puriym {poo-reem'};
from 6331; a lot (as by means of a broken piece):-Pur,
see HEBREW for 06331
in Bible:
pur (NET)
Purim (NIV, NRSV)

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