puwach <06315>

xwp puwach

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 1741
In Hebrew:xypy 4, xypyw 3, xwpys 2, xpyw 2, yxyph 1, xypa 1, wxypy 1
In NET:witness 2, breathes 2, arrives 2, Blow 1, desperately desire 1, blow 1, disdains 1, spouts out 1, spouts 1, pours out 1, inflame 1
In AV:speak 6, puff 2, blow 2, break 2, utter 1, bring into a snare 1
Definition:1) to breathe, blow
1a) (Qal) to breathe
1b) (Hiphil)
1b1) to cause to exhale or breathe
1b2) to puff, snort
1b3) to excite, inflame
1b4) to puff, pant for it
1b5) to breathe out, utter
1b6) to blow, blast
a primitive root; to puff, i.e. blow with the breath or air;
hence, to fan (as a breeze), to utter, to kindle (a fire), to
scoff:-blow (upon), break, puff, bring into a snare, speak,

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