p@'orah <06288>

hrap p@'orah or harp pora'h or hrap pu'rah

Pronunciation:peh-o-raw' po-raw' poo-raw'
Origin:from 06286
Reference:TWOT - 1727a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:wytrap 3, wytrapk 1, hrap 1, twrap 1, *wytrap {wtrap} 1
In NET:branches 6, boughs 1
In AV:branch 4, bough 2, sprig 1
Definition:1) bough, branch, shoot
or pora'h {po-raw'}; or pu'rah {poo-raw'}; from 6286;
properly, ornamentation, i.e. (plural) foliage (including the
limbs) as bright green:-bough, branch, sprig.
see HEBREW for 06286

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