`attuwd <06260>

dwte `attuwd or dte `attud or (plural) Mydwte

Pronunciation:at-tood' at-tood'
Origin:from 06257
Reference:TWOT - 1719b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mydte 11, Mydwte 7, Mydwtew 5, Mydteh 2, ydwte 1, Mydwtek 1, Mydwtelw 1, Mydwteh 1
In NET:male goats 17, goats 10, former leaders 1, lead-goats 1
In AV:goats 26, rams 2, chief ones 1
Definition:1) ram, he-goat, chief one
or sattud {at-tood'}; from 6257; prepared, i.e. full grown;
spoken only (in plural) of he-goats, or (figuratively) leaders
of the people:-chief one, (he) goat, ram.
see HEBREW for 06257

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